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The Small Catechism asks, “How is God’s Name Hallowed?”

This very basic question evokes introspection about how we act represents God in this world. We all bear God’s name by virtue of our baptism. He has claimed us and made us His own forever. We are living representations of His will and character. For better or worse.

We often consider how we can honor God with our words and actions. Did you know that you can “hallow God’s Name,” with your reactions?

When God met with His people on Mount Sinai, they reacted with fear. Exodus 20:20, “Moses said to the people, ‘Do not fear, for God has come to test you, that the fear of him may be before you, that you may not sin.’” They feared God, and rightly they should have!

The Israelites were struck with the fear of God. But how often is our fear misplaced? We are often quick to fear earthly things, while failing to appreciate the God who is on our side. Our reactions to what makes us uncomfortable or that which is out of our control often reveals the fear that’s often alive and well in our hearts.

In moments of fear, we are tempted. We may lash out in anger. We may retreat into anxiety. These reactions flow from fear, a fear that is often misplaced.

True contentment and courage flow from recognizing that God IS in control, even when we may be spinning out of control. Faith in the Creator trumps fear of anything in creation. This knowledge equips Christians to react to even the most difficult of circumstances with patience and grace.

Christ’s resurrection shows us that God uses the difficult, the discouraging and even the damning to accomplish His will. When we forget Who God is, we react with fear of what confronts us. We would do better to remember Him and that we bear His name.

By virtue of His name, we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus! Nothing can change our eternal destiny with Him. Because we are His, we can react with confident assurance in the One who is greater than all our fears.

Sure. There is plenty to fear in this world. But let’s not let fear get the better of us. Let’s not react in fear, choosing instead to react in faith. This is how God transforms our lowly moments into opportunities for His grace and strength to be revealed to us and through us.

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