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Fully Relying On God (FROG)

The Kenya Mission Team has been working on our trip to Point of Grace Academy in Kisumu, Kenya for the past six months.

We are led by Andy Mears with team members Helen Blank, Deb Brockaway, Anna Long, Caitlyn Long and Sandi Norman.  We will also be joined by The Lepley family who will be spending the month of June in Kenya.  Our planned activities include Vacation Bible School for 700+ students, raising money for a greenhouse (hopefully helping with building), visiting villages and building a mud hut for a needy family. 

Travel plans are complete, we have our flights from Chicago to Nairobi and on to Kisumu.  We are working on our plans for lessons and crafts for VBS.   We have a few more events planned to raise needed funds for the greenhouse and school curriculum.  We are also learning how to eat local foods by having our Kenyan meal with the congregation.  Each of us is working on how we are going to adjust to being in a very different environment.

You will notice that we have chosen a FROG as our symbol….our theme for our group is FULLY RELYING ON GOD (FROG).  Our team meets every month and we open with a devotion in which we learn a little more about the Scripture.  We use this time to see how and why God is sending us to Kenya.  As we look at God’s word we see that while we see many challenges and obstacles just to our travel, we must FULLY RELY ON GOD to see us through this mission. 

We thank God every day for the generous and fervent support from the congregation.  Many members have stepped up to support all our projects and even the school has raised money for the kids and their school curriculum needs.  Everyone has truly opened up their hearts and minds to our mission.  Our team is VERY GRATEFUL for the generosity of Our Shepherd as we continue to FULLY RELY ON GOD for our success.


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