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Academic Competitions

Academic Competitions

Our Shepherd offers a variety of opportunities for academic competition starting with the 1st grade.

Bible Quiz

Every October, a specially-selected team of eight 7th & 8th graders competes with teams from other area Lutheran schools on a pre-determined book of the Bible for the championship trophy. Our Shepherd's teams have won the competition in 2005, 2008, 2013 and 2014.

Geography Bee

In January, two students from each grade 4th-8th compete in the National Geographic Geography Bee to determine the winner who moves on to the district competition to attempt to qualify for the state competition.

Science Festival (Sci-Fest)

Students in grades 3-8 represent Our Shepherd to compete in the annual Sci-Fest in the spring with other Central Indiana Lutheran schools. Teams of 2-3 students work together to problem-solve and complete the challenge placed before them that day. Students in grades 1-2 complete in a Sci-Fest on campus with other Our Shepherd students.

Spelling Bee

In March and April, classroom Spelling Bees are run to choose the top three students in each of grades 5-8. Those students complete in the April School Spelling Bee to determine first, second, and third places for the school.

Art Bee

The Art Bee, in which students are challenged to identify the artists and titles of selected paintings. The art bee takes place in May.