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4th Grade

Fourth Grade at Our Shepherd!

Our 4th-grade is the pivotal last year of 'elementary' at Our Shepherd.  The class focuses on core subjects including language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.  Spanish, art, and music continue as well.  Academically your child will be challenged to use prior base skills to do more complex problem solving, thinking, and writing across all of the subject areas.   Personal responsibility, organizational skills, and critical thinking are underlying skills that are stressed and practiced to help students make an easy transition into middle school.  

 Children are greeted by Miss Firminhac, our 4th Grade Teacher. Visit her webpage to see more of what 4th grade is like.

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4th Grade highlights

The classroom environment and set-up allow for frequent collaboration with peers and provides a level of comfort so that students can find a place and a way that is most conducive to their own style of learning.  Instead of traditional desks, we have tables that we can manipulate to form large to small group settings for instruction.  We often use natural, low, minimal lighting to set the mood for certain types of instruction.  Students have a wide selection of technology applications to produce and share materials with the teacher and each other.  

In 4th grade, experimental and hands-on learning are highly valued.  We take numerous field trips throughout the year to further explore the curriculum and bring the subject matter alive.  Opportunities to research and explore topics through classroom activities and technology occur frequently and are encouraged.  Your child will enjoy digging deep into Indiana History and exploring a place of their choice for their end-of-year Indiana Presentation.     

Because of all these benefits, it allows flexibility in reaching the differing needs of the students. 

 Our Shepherd believes that communication between teachers, students, and parents is key.  Visit Mr. McPeak's fourth-grade website to see classroom updates and additional classroom materials.  

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