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3rd Grade

Third Grade at Our Shepherd!

Our 3rd-grade class focuses on core subjects including language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.  Spanish, art, and music are continued as well.  Your child will witness the love and joy of learning within a classroom setting that is structured yet, friendly and that incorporates all learning styles in order to reach out to and engage all learners.  We strive to develop the whole child in fun and educational ways that will have a life-long impact.   


Children are greeted by Miss Hannah Sugita, our 3rd Grade Teacher. Follow Miss Sugita's website and check out the weekly updates to learn more about her class.   

Visit our staff page to find out more about the Our Shepherd teachers. 

3rd Grade Curriculum highlights:

Language Arts

  • Improve fluency and comprehension
  • Read and comprehend a variety of literature independently and proficiently
  • Build comprehension and appreciation of literature 
  • Connect literacy elements and themes
  • Build an understanding of nonfiction text features, structures, and author's perspective
  • Build and apply vocabulary
  • Use strategies to determine and clarify words and understand their relationships
  • Write effectively
  • Develop writing skills
  • Write persuasive, informative, and narrative pieces
  • Produce coherent and legible documents
  • Build knowledge about the research process
  • Develop and apply effective communication skills through speaking and active listening


  • Read, write, add, and subtract whole numbers
  • Understand fractions
  • Use place values
  • Demonstrate fluency with multiplication and division facts
  • Solve real world problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Identify and describe the cube, sphere, prism, pyramid, cone, and cylinder
  • Estimate and measure the mass and volume of objects
  • Choose and use appropriate unit and tools to estimate and measure length, weight, and temperature
  • Tell and write time
  • Find the value of dollars and cents
  • Create scaled graphs to represent data
  • Generate measurement data


  • Define a real world problem and list criteria for a successful solution
  • Define types of simple machines

         Observe and describe:

  • How sound is produced by vibrations
  • How light travels from point to point
  • How natural materials meet the needs of plants and animals
  • Plant growth and development
  • Rocks and minerals 

Social Studies

  • Develop an understanding for media
  • Recognize the purposes of media and the ways media can have influences
  • Describe how significant people, events, and developments have shaped their own community
  • Compare their community to others
  • Use resources to gather information about the past
  • Explain what it means to be citizens of their community, state, and nation
  • Demonstrate democratic principles at the local, state, and national level
  • Use latitude and longitude to locate places on the maps and globes
  • Compare geographical characteristics
  • Understand the use of goods, services, and productive resources


  • We incorporate the love of our Lord and Savior into each subject area in order to show that in all things, God is given the glory. 

3rd graders will also participate in:

  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Art
  • Spanish
  • Computer 


Our Shepherd believes that communication between teachers, students, and parents is key. 

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