Share Life With Our Shepherd

Senior High (9th-12th Grade)

Lutheran Teen Fellowship (LTF)

Each Sunday night we meet for #Room190 for all high school students and their friends. Room 190 is about youth, it is about talking about topics they care about, and providing a safe retreat from their regular lives to share and have fun with friends. 

Servant Events

Servant Events provide an opportunity for teens to work together on a new or refurbished building project, or other activity. Typically this involves traveling to another city and working with other youth from across the country.

National Youth Gatherings

Youth attend a national gathering of Lutheran youth every three years. Traveling to another city, they assemble with over 35,000 other youth for a week of fellowship, workshops, community service, recreation, and Bible study.

Indiana District Youth Gatherings

The Indiana District Youth Gathering is an annual event allowing youth the opportunity for Christian fellowship, workshops, Bible study, and recreating, The event is held every fall at a downtown Indianapolis hotel.


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