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Weekly Announcements 05.19.17

May 21, 2017 — The Sixth Sunday of Easter 


There is a hidden dimension to life, an aspect of existence only perceived by faith. Christians have been given the Holy Spirit to perceive the spiritual realm. In this realm, Christ reigns by faith. He orders the affairs of this world and life. We may see His power at work in death and life, good and evil, prosperity and poverty. When we are aware of God’s presence, His love is revealed to us and He reveals Himself to others through us.


VOTERS’ MEETING ~ Join us May 21st at 12:15 p.m. when we will discuss the budget and announce the Governing Board's decision regarding concurrent worship and how it will impact our ministry. We will also hear how confirmation is changing and provide details about the Kenya mission trip.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL ~ Please join us for Vacation Bible School June 11-15th from 6-8:15 p.m. In honor of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we'll learn how Jesus is our Mighty Fortress through music, crafts, interactive storytelling, lesson time, cool snacks and more! Sign-up to volunteer (completed grade 7 to adult) or attend (preschool 3 yrs. old to completed grade 6) on our website.

2017 GRADUATES ~ We ware compiling a list of high school and post-secondary graduates. Please let the church office know of any current members that will be graduating this year so that we can celebrate their accomplishments!

KENYA MISSION ~ Suggested donations for the collection bin outside of the Luther Room:   

playing cards, toothpaste, toothbrushes, nail polish, boys boxers, children’s socks, classroom wall décor, maps/charts, crayons/markers, masking tape, Wiggles DVDs, LEGOs, Christian CDs, scissors, over-the-counter medicine, and first aid supplies. 

CONFIRMATION PARENTS’ MEETING ~ Parents of incoming 5th - 8th graders: there will be a very important parent meeting on Sunday, June 4, at 6:30 p.m. in the sanctuary about Confirmation instruction. Our Confirmation program is getting a complete makeover with in-home videos, Sunday morning small groups, fellowship events, and more. Come and learn how Our Shepherd is expanding our Confirmation program to foster deeper learning and more opportunities for youth to connect.

OSLS ~ After faithfully serving as principal for the past six years, Mr. Huntington has decided to step down as principal and serve the Lord in another capacity. Please pray for Mr. Huntington and the OS School Board as they seek the Lord’s guidance and direction.


Ray Brabo, Joan Carnagua, Wolfgang Daube, Jackie Hilmer, Marian Schafer, Herb Schortemeyer, Nancy Schuch, and Annette Stoneking. For all of our home-bound members including Ray Brabo. For our active Armed Forces members: Jeff Bick, Ryan Enlow, Andrew Pierson, Rex Rafferty, David Rieger Sr., Robert Ritter, and Shad Singer.


Voters’ Meeting, May 21st, 12:15 p.m.; 8th grade graduation, May 25th, 7 p.m..; VBS,  June 11-15th, 6-8:15 p.m.


Acts 17:16-31, 1 Peter 3:13-22, John 14:15-21