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The Indiana District Convention

Every three years the Indiana District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod holds our District Convention, where the business of the district is conducted.    It was an honor to attend this year’s  convention representing Our Shepherd as a voting delegate along with Pastor Douglas.

This year’s convention had the significance of electing a new District President.  Our current President, Rev. Dr. Daniel May, has retired after faithfully and well serving the Indiana District for 15 years.  There was a fun gathering Thursday night to remember President May’s years of service as a Pastor, his work in district, and as District President.  A bluegrass band led by his daughter provided music. There were presentations by long-time friends from his time as Pastor at St James in West Lafayette, and also by his children and grandson, which made the night special for him.  

In convention, the delegates elected the current District 1st Vice President, Rev. Dr. Daniel J. Brege, as our new President. 

There were Pastors and delegates from many of the Lutheran churches of the Indiana District.   It was good to visit and catch up with many I know, such as Carl Schulenberg from Zion, who was my high school science teacher.  Until now, I had not been aware of his work with the district regarding accreditation for Lutheran Schools.  He was elected to the District Board of Directors for this next three year term.

T.J. and Tomi Mattick were present as T.J. worked in his role representing the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF).   He even had his picture in the program and gave a short presentation to all the delegates on Friday.

Continuing their service at the district level from Our Shepherd, Joyce Zimmerman was re-elected to the Committee on Worship and Spiritual Care, and Norm Hedges continues his service with the Committee on Constitutional Matters.

The results of this convention will bring changes to our District, which contains all of Indiana and also northern Kentucky.  We will miss President Dan May and his service to our District and particularly all of his help to Our Shepherd.  Even so, we look forward to the future and working toward our part in God’s plan for our District and for Our Shepherd Lutheran Church.  Blessings to you all.


Ken Mikeworth, Head Elder

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