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We had a few great questions asked in our suggestion jar last week! Two that are particularly pertinent relate to our current sermon theme. The first question, “Is [a] sermon series entitled ‘My Best for My Savior’ conducive to preaching the Gospel?” The related question is, “What exactly does it mean to be sanctified?”

If we were preaching that you need to be doing your best to be saved, that would be an awful series. But this is not what our series is about. Our series is encouragement to examine ourselves and our works as a response to God’s love.

As St. John says in our epistle lesson, “Beloved, we are God's children now.” You are God’s child at your best or worst because God has made you His through Christ’s forgiveness. This is the doctrine of justification.

According to the doctrine of sanctification, God’s Holy Spirit leads us to do good works. “Our Best” sermon series will explore and explain these two teachings, justification and sanctification, in various aspects of our life of faith.

“Why don’t we sing ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ in Church?”

We can and do, but it’s been a while. It is hymn 622 in the hymnal. We’ve let Joyce Zimmerman, our Director of Music, know of the request and will work it in when it fits our theme for the day. Thanks for asking.

“How did the angel roll the stone away?”

We don't know how the angel rolled the stone away, but we do know that an angel did it. Mark and Luke say that the stone was rolled away, but Matthew tells us how. Matthew 28:2 "And behold, there was a great earthquake, for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and came and rolled back the stone and sat on it."

Angels have powers that are beyond our understanding. In Exodus 12:29 and later in II Kings 19:35 we hear of a single angel killing thousands of Israel's enemies in a single evening. In Revelation, angels are pictured fighting and commanding many forces of nature. If you'd like to learn more about angels, or any other Bible topic, check out the church library or talk to a pastor or DCE.

These are great questions! Keep them coming!! To see answers to other questions asked, check out each of the COMMENT/SUGGESTION/QUESTION JAR volumes on the articles and blogs page.