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Peace in Uncertainty

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On an otherwise mundane Monday afternoon, August 6, the waters of Holy Baptism were poured out over our newest member, octogenarian Judy Lehr. In January 2018, her doctor’s diagnosis of AFib gave her an uncertain amount of time on this earth. What began with bouts of chest pain, dizziness, and ringing in the ears began to intensify and become more frequent. By the time she was hospitalized in January, her doctor told her that she was too fragile for a valve replacement, her treatments of dialysis wouldn’t work anymore, and that she had one week, one month, or six months to live. When faced with such devastating news, Judy did what a lot of people do, she turned to prayer. She is on multiple prayer lists through family and friends, and she believes that is the reason she is now four weeks past her “expiration date.”

Judy was unsure whether or not she had been baptized, and she wanted the certain faith of knowing that she is a baptized child of God. God worked through her friend, Patti Russell, to find certainty and close the door on the open question. Judy knows that God has been working in her life. Since her diagnosis, she has only had three or four mild episodes of pain and dizziness. She is comforted by the knowledge that only God knows the date and time when He will bring her home, and she is confident that she will be in His presence when she does depart this earth. What a wonderful gift we have in the sacrifice and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!


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As a part of her unit on Earth Day last spring, Mrs. Lepley asked her 3rd grade students to write persuasive essays on the importance of recycling and how our school could do a better job caring for our environment by recycling other things besides just paper. The students did a fantastic job with their essays and they were given to the principal to read, however, recycling was not a part of the budget for that year.

Flash forward to the fall of 2017. The 3rd grade class was promoted to 4th grade and they remained committed to the goal of expanding the current recycling program. Mrs. Darlage, a church member and school parent made Mrs. Lepley aware of a grant program through the Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District that just might cover the costs associated with the expansion. Mrs. Lepley dedicated multiple evenings to working with three of the 4th grade students, Gavin Christensen, Markus Lepley, and Luke Mourer, on composing the grant and preparing a proposal for the principal and the school board. They submitted the proposal, presented their ideas and the details of the program to the school board, and patiently waited for a response from both groups.

Their efforts paid off! Our Shepherd Lutheran Church and School was awarded a grant in the amount $1802.55. These grant funds will be used to purchase another drinking fountain/water bottle refill station to be placed near the gymnasium, add more recycling bins, and create recycling signage for the bins. Our Shepherd will now be able to recycle cardboard, cans, cartons, glass, and plastic containers, not just paper! This program will be utilized by many of the ministries at Our Shepherd, most especially the Food Pantry, which also expressed interest in applying for the grant. Ray’s Trash will deliver a new recycling bin, to be placed by the paper bin in the side parking lot, and recyclable waste will be reduced on campus. 

The 4th grade students are excited to teach others the importance of caring for the world that God has created for us.

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